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Don't be blind to your future cash inflows.

Kopilot offers two forecasters to help B2B business leaders to have a view on future sales. Ideal for agencies, consulting firms, headhunters, and development companies.

The end-of-year prediction clearly shows where the business should stand on the end-of-year landing. The rolling forecast opens your eyes to the impact of what is happening now over the next 12 months.

Connect your data and start forecasting your sales.

Connect your data
kopilot End-of-Year Prediction

End-of-Year Prediction

Ever wonder what's sales going to be at the end of the year?

The end-of-year forecaster updates the end of the year landing. It calculates what you did earned and what remains to do.

The "to-be-done" part comes from four different scenarios. The end of the year is yours: you may select your fiscal year.

  • Benefit from a permanently revised projection of your sales results to better plan your operations

Discover your sales at the end of your year.

Discover your sales

Rolling Forecast

Will your business be ok over the next 12 months?

Rolling forecaster gives a forward vision over the next 12 months, without focusing on the end of the year.

It reflects better the reality of the moment, and that facilitates decision making. As it takes the latest events into account, the forecast shows the mid-term impact immediately.

  • Look ahead and pilot your business by having your sales forward 12 months in mind.
  • Avoid (bad) surprises and react quicker than ever.

Forecast your sales over the next 12 months.

Forecast your sales
kopilot Rolling Forecast

Four Forecasting Methods

"Which method to choose?"

If the problem is simple, the answer is generally very disappointing. As there is no better forecasting method than the others, kopilot offers a panel of four business scenarios.
Apply these methods to your business revenue.

Apply these methods

How high should our sales be we perform precisely like last year?

In the last year's scenario, we compute your actual sales. From tomorrow, the income forecaster adds the year's values until the end of the period.

How high should our sales be if we continue to perform as currently?

In the like-this-year scenario, we compute all sales already made this year. From tomorrow, kopilot applies the current year-to-date growth rate to the last year's sales until the end of the period.

How high should our sales be naturally?

The mid-term-trend scenario computes your sales according to the simple moving average method. kopilot calculates your monthly income over the previous 24 months. Then, it replaces this month's revenue by the average revenue from the last 24 months. Afterward, average-24-months sales return sales of the next month. And so on.

How high should our sales be statistically?

The linear-trend scenario is a statistical regression model seeking to establish a relationship between time and sales. The situation computes the last 36 months of sales to project your data with enough confidence.

Permanently Updated

Forecasting is a massive job to do and to maintain. Here is the solution to get your time back.

kopilot revises your forecasts permanently. Should you send an invoice today, we take it into account to re-compute the estimates and provide you the latest insights. The prediction changes every day. Automation allows us to re-calculate the predictions numerous times in a day to reflect the happening of your business events.

  • Make decisions based on the latest data as your forecast is updated multiple times a day.
  • Be aware of the impact of the latest developments and ground better your management.

Connect your data to automate your sales predictions.

Connect your data
kopilot Paul Noordhuizen

It is nice to see (visually) what the trends are in terms of turnover development from month to month and compared to last year That looks good.

Paul Noordhuizen, CEO of Jool
kopilot Jose Resto

I like the way information is presented. It helps me with knowing our key figures, and forecasting our sales.

Jose Resto, CEO of Technology Partners Puerto Rico