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Our Manifesto | The era of Pro-Active Entrepreneurs

Pro-Active Entrepreneurs | The way to run a business for the years 2020

Over the last ten years, we have met and accompanied many entrepreneurs in their quest to drive their business. Driving your business means taking back control of it. No longer to be subjected to events, but to put yourself in a position to influence your business’s future.

Even if the data is available today, it is still up to us, entrepreneurs, to know what are the (right) questions to ask ourselves and to spend our (valuable and scarce) time to find the information among the sets of data at our disposal.

We sincerely believe that this time is over. Here, then, are the fundamental principles that we seek to convey and put, daily, into practice.

#1. Not having information about my business is no longer acceptable.

I measure the performance of my business.
Measurement is the first step towards improvement. And improvement will lead me to mastery. I only improve what is measured.

Nomadism should be the rule, not the exception.
I must be able to see the performances and health of my business wherever I am and whenever I want. It doesn’t matter whether I am commuting, whether I’m between meetings, whether I’m at home or the office.

#2. Automation and real-time are my new standards.

My value lies in making decisions, not in producing information.
My intervention – and ideally, no intervention – should be required to answer my recurring business questions. I should not have to deal with Excel for recurring concerns.

I make my decisions based on quality information.
Automation guarantees reliability because it protects me from handling errors or massaging information.

I deserve access to the latest information.
In this digital era, it is no longer endurable that I don’t have the freshest news to inform my thinking. Information that comes after the battle is useless.

#3. To each his job. Mine is to decide.

My time is scarce; deal with it.
I need to have the critical information according to the time I want to dedicate to the performance review. You must adapt – or adjust – the content whether I have 1 minute, 5 minutes, or 25 minutes.

I focus on solving issues.
Daily, my attention gets only to the subjects that require my attention. Only where performances don’t reach the expected level gets my attention. What goes well, goes well. I’ll find out about it later… if I have time.

I want to have someone who knows the right questions to ask and who already answers them.
It’s much easier for me to ask questions and have them answered, instead of having a set of data on a business topic and struggling to extirpate the takeaways. And, there can be questions that I don’t ask myself (yet).

I would rather receive the analyses and conclusions than the data set.
My job deserves respect. My job is to be with the team to create opportunities, not to find, by myself, the answers to my recurring questions.

I want guidance when I don’t know.
Sometimes I don’t know. I have the honesty to recognize it and the intellectual curiosity to overcome it. In such a situation, I want to learn market practices. I want to be led towards additional documentation to support my reasoning. Or, more simply, I want to know what others do.

#4. I am a Pro-active Entrepreneur

I concentrate preferably on looking ahead than in the rear-view mirror.
I need an overview of what happened to explain to me what happened. But that’s the past. That’s half my job. The second half consists of planning the company for tomorrow.

Planning allows me, allow us, to prepare the company for what could happen by taking control of events today.

The truth is multiple: I want to consider different scenarios.
Having only one forecast is not enough. I prefer to have a bundle of clues and that among these, I am presented with the convergences.